The greater Israel plan

Chapter 1

Many people regurgitate about the plan for a greater Israel but yet many do not know or understand how deep rooted it is currently in today’s society . Many do not know how all of the continuous false flags , state implosions, electoral and political group implosions are being laid as a footpath for the plan of a greater Israel to be closer to completion .

I will start you off with a quote from Theodor Herzl

we are organising Jewry for its coming destiny “

Let me start with a current issue , a figure being sold as a “working class hero” but being used and compliantly as part of this plan, via his current want of becoming a UKIP party member . Tommy Robinson , is being utilised to keep the british public in a state of frenzy over the “ war with Islam” .

All the while he has been receiving funding and support from Daniel Pipes of the Middle East forum, Pipes mixes in the same circles of people that fund rebel media and other pro Israeli organisations.

Pipes recently spoke at a David Horowitz centre proclaiming “ I would like to see an Israeli victory and Palestinian defeat . The Middle East forum calls this the israel victory project”.

Through small pockets in right wing political movements that gather momentum the bigger plan can be seen a mile off .

On a greater scale to see the overall picture you have to look at the aim to gain land in the Middle East , right back to the Iraq war . Iraq was viewed as its biggest challenge , the wars on both Iraq and now Syria have fitted in to the process of expanding Israeli territory .

Every Arab state as well as other countries with any hint of national direction will or are a target sooner or later .

Nearly a century ago the world Zionist plan included historic Palestine , south Lebanon up to Sidon and Litani river , Syria Golan Heights , Hauran plain and Deraa .

The Yinon Plan was also part of this , a strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority was able to weaken and control the surrounding Arab states .

The message is loud and clear Israel want an imperial state , a world power which will hoover up Europe and the USA in its path .

Israel have helped create the major problems in current society to cause civil unrest enabling “ human rights” to go hand in hand with the EU and pro immigration policies .

The left have been funded and used as tools to promote migration and highlight the false war with Islam .

Ask yourself this when have isis ever attacked Israel ? The answer is simple once by mistake and they apologised .

Such things as planned parenting , toxic food and water , man made viruses , mass vaccinations are all mere stepping stones to a cull of western society .

Whilst all of this is taking up our attention the onslaught in Gaza continues .

Once Israel have consolidated all the land the forced displacement will be heading to Zionist occupied countries ie Europe and the USA .

The inevitable will happen world war 3.

Yet another war for Israel enabling One army , one currency and one power .


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